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Our parent company, British Way English Academy was established in 2004 to satisfy the need for English knowledge in Sri Lanka. It has rapidly expanded and now boasts an island-wide network of 13 branches producing thousands of people annually who are fluent in English.

Our O/L and A/L study camps have further cemented British Way English Academy`s commitment to quality learning opportunities to help to empower the future generations of Sri Lanka and equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and qualities that are vital in pushing the country forwards. There was a growing awareness that young learners were looking towards foreign placements as the solution. We saw the huge potential for first-class, internationally recognized higher education right here in Sri Lanka delivered in a clear, systematic and well organized manner for all Sri Lanka at an affordable cost. This is why we have created British Campus.


It is no secret that very few young Sri Lankans get the chance to attend universities at home.  At the same time, a similar small number of people have the opportunity of taking vocational education. The sad part is only 17% of people aged 20 -24 are engaged in education (World Bank 2015). In those aged 25-34, the numbers in education plummet to less than 3% and the figure drops to less than 1% pass those 35+.

Not only this,  Sri Lanka`s work force is getting older. In 1990 35 % of workers were aged 40+. By 2012, this had rise to 52%. The problem is compounded by fewer young people entering education here in this country.

Why is this? One of the major factors is the “brain drain”. A large proportion migrates to foreign countries in order to take their higher studies. Thanks to concerted advertising by foreign universities, students are naturally attracted to these establishments. Living and studying abroad all costs money. Lots of it. So why do it? What about those Sri Lankans who can`t afford foreign education? This is where British Campus provides the solution. We provide highest-quality higher education packages right here in Sri Lanka, available to all at an affordable cost.

School leavers and unemployed young people need clear honest and unbiased guidance in order to achieve their dreams of a successful professional career.  British Campus is there to provide this support.