About Campus

British Campus for Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd. is registered under British Way Group of companies. British Way group started their operations in 2001 by introducing English courses for local O/L and A/L students through British Way English Academy and now they have expanded their businesses in to education, tourism and digital marketing. British Campus for Higher Education (Pvt) Limited was introduced in 2018 and British Campus provide higher educational qualifications for the students and professionals all around Sri Lanka.

Dr. Geethadeva Shantha, the founder of British Way group of companies has a long history in educational industry and working with the students as well as professionals, and in 2015 he became a PhD holder by improving his knowledge in the sector of education. The main goal of Dr. Geethadeva is to provide high quality higher educational qualifications for the students and professionals.

British Campus for Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd. is planning to move in to another building that has more facilities than current premises and after getting accreditation from well reputed universities, British Campus aims to drive more than 10,000 students per annum.

British Campus has well qualified academic and non-academic staff and most of them are graduates and postgraduates. All the top management level staff have more than 7 years of experience in the education industry.


“To be the most respected and leading higher education provider in Sri Lanka.”


“To unlock students’ potential with innovative and high-quality education and enable success for our students by building trusted collaborations.”


Chairman’s Message

We, at the British Campus, believe that every student has unlimited potential for growth and personal development. Beyond the higher education qualifications we train our students in how to face interviews, leadership, public speech etc.; all coming in a bundle, ensuring success to realize their dreams. As a consequence, our educational programs have gained widespread respect and validity and there is a high value attached to our certificates, diplomas and degrees from the corporate world. Our main goal is to provide high quality educational qualifications for the students and we believe we can create a student friendly environment to match students' perspectives.

We are strengthened by our affiliations with IDP IELTS, SLF (Sri Lanka Foundation), Lincoln University College, Malaysia. In addition to that, we are operating British Way English Academy, Thames College, and British Way International School under British way Holdings. We provide quality education from the nursery to higher education.

Our victory of the merit award at National Awards by the National Chamber of Commerce 2018 was another pride that pushed us forward. We believe that we can take the future generation in to the modern educational world to achieve their dreams.